Uses of Interface

Packages that use Factory

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera

Methods in org.apache.abdera that return Factory
 Factory Abdera.getFactory()
          Return the singleton instance of org.apache.abdera.factory.Factory
static Factory Abdera.getNewFactory()
          Return a new Factory instance using a non-shared Abdera object

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera.examples.extension

Constructors in org.apache.abdera.examples.extension with parameters of type Factory
Bar(Factory factory, QName qname)
Foo(Factory factory, QName qname)

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera.factory

Methods in org.apache.abdera.factory that return Factory
 Factory Factory.registerExtension(ExtensionFactory extensionFactory)
          Registers an extension factory for this Factory instance only

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera.model

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model that return Factory
 Factory ProcessingInstruction.getFactory()
          The Abdera Factory
 Factory ElementWrapper.getFactory()
 Factory Comment.getFactory()
          The Abdera Factory
 Factory Base.getFactory()
          Get the Factory used to create this Base
 Factory Attribute.getFactory()
          The Abdera Factory

Constructors in org.apache.abdera.model with parameters of type Factory
DateTimeWrapper(Factory factory, QName qname)
ElementWrapper(Factory factory, QName qname)
ExtensibleElementWrapper(Factory factory, QName qname)
PersonWrapper(Factory factory, QName qname)

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera.parser

Methods in org.apache.abdera.parser that return Factory
 Factory ParserOptions.getFactory()
          Returns the factory the parser should use

Methods in org.apache.abdera.parser with parameters of type Factory
 ParserOptions ParserOptions.setFactory(Factory factory)
          Sets the factory the parser should use

Uses of Factory in org.apache.abdera.protocol.error

Constructors in org.apache.abdera.protocol.error with parameters of type Factory
Error(Factory factory, QName qname)

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