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Uses of Subtag in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646

Methods in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646 that return Subtag
 Subtag Subtag.canonicalize()
          Return the canonicalized version of this subtag
 Subtag Subtag.clone()
 Subtag Lang.getExtension()
          Get the beginning of the extension section.
 Subtag Lang.getExtLang()
          Get the Extlang tag.
 Subtag Lang.getLanguage()
          Get the Language subtag
 Subtag Subtag.getNext()
          Get the next subtag
 Subtag Subtag.getPrevious()
          Get the previous subtag
 Subtag Lang.getPrivateUse()
          Get the beginning of the private-use section.
 Subtag Lang.getRegion()
          Get the Region subtag
 Subtag Lang.getScript()
          Get the Script subtag
 Subtag Lang.getVariant()
          Get the Variant subtag
static Subtag Subtag.newWildcard()
          Create a new wildcard subtag

Methods in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646 with parameters of type Subtag
 Range Range.append(Subtag subtag)
          Append a subtag to the range
 int Subtag.compareTo(Subtag o)

Constructors in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646 with parameters of type Subtag
Subtag(Subtag.Type type, String name, Subtag prev)
          Create a Subtag

Uses of Subtag in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646.enums

Methods in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646.enums that return Subtag
 Subtag Variant.newSubtag()
 Subtag Singleton.newSubtag()
 Subtag Script.newSubtag()
 Subtag Region.newSubtag()
 Subtag Language.newSubtag()
 Subtag Extlang.newSubtag()

Methods in org.apache.abdera.i18n.rfc4646.enums with parameters of type Subtag
static Variant Variant.valueOf(Subtag subtag)
static Singleton Singleton.valueOf(Subtag subtag)
static Script Script.valueOf(Subtag subtag)
static Region Region.valueOf(Subtag subtag)
static Language Language.valueOf(Subtag subtag)
static Extlang Extlang.valueOf(Subtag subtag)

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