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Uses of Context in org.apache.abdera.i18n.templates

Classes in org.apache.abdera.i18n.templates that implement Context
 class AbstractContext
          Abstract base for custom Context implementations
 class CachingContext
          Abstract Context implementation that caches resolved values so that do not have to be resolved again
 class DelegatingContext
 class HashMapContext
          Context implementation based on a HashMap
 class ObjectContext

Fields in org.apache.abdera.i18n.templates declared as Context
protected  Context DelegatingContext.subcontext

Methods in org.apache.abdera.i18n.templates with parameters of type Context
protected static String Operation.eval(String token, Context context)
protected static String Operation.eval(String token, String arg, Context context)
abstract  String Operation.evaluate(String var, String arg, Context context)
 String Template.expand(Context context)
          Expand the URI Template using the specified Context.
 String Route.expand(Context context)
          Expand the route pattern given the specified context
static String Template.expand(String pattern, Context context)
static String Route.expand(String pattern, Context context)
protected static boolean Operation.isdefined(String token, Context context)

Constructors in org.apache.abdera.i18n.templates with parameters of type Context
DelegatingContext(Context subcontext)

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