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Packages that use Div

Uses of Div in org.apache.abdera.factory

Methods in org.apache.abdera.factory that return Div
 Div Factory.newDiv()
          Create a new Div element.
 Div Factory.newDiv(Base parent)
          Create a new Div element as a child of the given Base.

Uses of Div in org.apache.abdera.model

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model that return Div
 Div Text.getValueElement()
          Return the text value element
 Div Div.setId(String id)
          Sets the value of the div element's id attribute
 Div Div.setTitle(String title)
          Set the value of the div element's title attribute
 Div Div.setXhtmlClass(String[] classes)
          Sets the array of class attribute values on the div

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model with parameters of type Div
 Text Source.setRights(Div value)
          Sets the value of the rights as @type="xhtml"
 Text Entry.setRights(Div value)
          Sets the value of the right as @type="xhtml"
 Text Source.setSubtitle(Div value)
          Sets the value of the subtitle as @type="xhtml"
 Text Entry.setSummary(Div value)
          Sets the value of the summary as @type="xhtml"
 Text Source.setTitle(Div value)
          Sets the value of the title as @type="xhtml"
 Text Entry.setTitle(Div value)
          Sets the value of the title as @type="xhtml"
 Text Text.setValueElement(Div value)
          Set the text value element

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