Uses of Interface

Packages that use Workspace

Uses of Workspace in org.apache.abdera.factory

Methods in org.apache.abdera.factory that return Workspace
 Workspace Factory.newWorkspace()
          Create a new Workspace element.
 Workspace Factory.newWorkspace(Element parent)
          Create a new Workspace element as a child of the given Element.

Uses of Workspace in org.apache.abdera.model

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model that return Workspace
 Workspace Workspace.addCollection(Collection collection)
          Adds an individual collection to this workspace
 Workspace Service.addWorkspace(String title)
          Add an individual workspace
 Workspace Service.getWorkspace(String title)
          Return the named workspace

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model that return types with arguments of type Workspace
 List<Workspace> Service.getWorkspaces()
          Return the complete set of workspaces

Methods in org.apache.abdera.model with parameters of type Workspace
 Service Service.addWorkspace(Workspace workspace)
          Add an individual workspace

Uses of Workspace in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server

Methods in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server that return Workspace
 Workspace WorkspaceInfo.asWorkspaceElement(RequestContext request)
          Returns an instance of the FOM Workspace interface

Uses of Workspace in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.provider.managed

Methods in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.provider.managed that return Workspace
 Workspace ManagedWorkspace.asWorkspaceElement(RequestContext request)

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