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Uses of TargetType in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server

Fields in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server declared as TargetType
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_CATEGORIES
          An Atompub Categories Document
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_COLLECTION
          An Atom Feed Document representing an Atompub Collection
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_ENTRY
          An Atompub Collection member entry
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_MEDIA
          An Atompub Collection media resource
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_NOT_FOUND
          A not found target type
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_SERVICE
          An Atompub Service Document
static TargetType TargetType.TYPE_UNKNOWN
          An unknown target type

Methods in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server that return TargetType
static TargetType TargetType.get(String name)
          Get the specified target type
static TargetType TargetType.get(String name, boolean create)
          Get the specified target type.
 TargetType Target.getType()
          Return the resolved Target Type

Methods in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server that return types with arguments of type TargetType
 Map<TargetType,RequestProcessor> Provider.getRequestProcessors()
          Return a map of registered RequestProcessors with related TargetType.
static Iterable<TargetType> TargetType.values()
          Return a listing of TargetTypes

Method parameters in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server with type arguments of type TargetType
 void Provider.addRequestProcessors(Map<TargetType,RequestProcessor> requestProcessors)
          Add a map of RequestProcessors to register on this provider, without overriding already registered ones.
 void Provider.setRequestProcessors(Map<TargetType,RequestProcessor> requestProcessors)
          Set a map of RequestProcessors to register on this provider, overriding already registered ones.

Uses of TargetType in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.filters

Fields in org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.filters declared as TargetType
static TargetType OpenSearchFilter.TYPE_OPENSEARCH_DESCRIPTION

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