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 Document Encryption.decrypt(Document doc, EncryptionOptions options)
          Decrypt the document using the specified options
 Document Encryption.encrypt(Document doc, EncryptionOptions options)
          Encrypt the document using the specified options
 SignatureOptions Signature.getDefaultSignatureOptions()
          Returns the default signing options
<T extends Element>
Signature.getSignatureKeyInfo(T element, SignatureOptions options)
<T extends Element>
Signature.getValidSignatureCertificates(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Returns a listing of X.509 certificates of valid digital signatures in the element
 boolean Encryption.isEncrypted(Document doc)
          Returns true if this specified document has been encrypted
<T extends Element>
Signature.isSigned(T element)
          Return true if the element has been digitally signed
<T extends Element>
Signature.removeInvalidSignatures(T element, SignatureOptions options)
<T extends Element>
Signature.sign(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Adds a digital signature to the specified element
<T extends Element>
Signature.verify(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Verifies that the digitally signed element is valid

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