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Methods in that return SignatureOptions
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.addReference(String href)
 SignatureOptions Signature.getDefaultSignatureOptions()
          Returns the default signing options
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setCertificate(X509Certificate cert)
          Set the X.509 cert to associate with the signature
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setPublicKey(PublicKey publickey)
          Set the public key to associate with the signature
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setSignedLinkRels(String... rel)
          Only sign links whose link rels match those provided in the list
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setSigningAlgorithm(String algorithm)
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setSigningKey(PrivateKey privateKey)
          Set the private key with which to sign the element
 SignatureOptions SignatureOptions.setSignLinks(boolean signlinks)
          True if atom:link/@href and atom:content/@src targets should be included in the signature

Methods in with parameters of type SignatureOptions
<T extends Element>
Signature.getSignatureKeyInfo(T element, SignatureOptions options)
<T extends Element>
Signature.getValidSignatureCertificates(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Returns a listing of X.509 certificates of valid digital signatures in the element
<T extends Element>
Signature.removeInvalidSignatures(T element, SignatureOptions options)
<T extends Element>
Signature.sign(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Adds a digital signature to the specified element
<T extends Element>
Signature.verify(T element, SignatureOptions options)
          Verifies that the digitally signed element is valid

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