Package org.apache.abdera.examples.ext

Class Summary
Bidi The Atom Bidi Extension is described in an IETF Internet-Draft and is used to communicate information about the base directionality of text in an Atom document.
Features The Atompub Features Extension is described in an IETF I-D and is used to communicate information about features that are supported, required or unsupported by an Atompub collection.
Geo The Geo extensions allow Atom entries to be geotagged using the Georss extensions.
Json The JSONWriter can be used to serialize an Abdera entry into a JSON structure
License The Atom License extension is described in Experimental RFC4946 and provides a way of associating copyright licenses with feeds and entries.
Serializer The Serializer extension allows Java objects to be automatically serialized into Atom documents using the objects public getters or fields.
Sharing Basic Simple Sharing Extensions support
Thread The Atom Threading Extensions are described in RFC4685 and provide a means of representing threaded discussions and parent/child relationships in Atom.

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