Class SlugSanitization

  extended by org.apache.abdera.examples.unicode.SlugSanitization

public class SlugSanitization
extends Object

In the Atom Publishing Protocol, the Slug HTTP header is used to allow a client to provide text that can be used to create a human-friendly URL for an entry. For instance, in many weblog software packages, it is not uncommon to find entries whose permalink URL's look like /my_trip_to_the_zoo. Slug text provided by the client, however, may not be directly suitable for use within a URL. It may, for instance, contain non-ascii characters, whitespace, or characters not allowed within a URL. The Sanitizer class will take input text and output a modified result suitable for use in URL's

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Method Summary
static void main(String... args)
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Constructor Detail


public SlugSanitization()
Method Detail


public static void main(String... args)
                 throws Exception

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