Interface RequestProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
CategoriesRequestProcessor, CollectionRequestProcessor, EntryRequestProcessor, MediaRequestProcessor, MultipartRelatedServiceRequestProcessor, ServiceRequestProcessor

public interface RequestProcessor

Request processors implement the actual business logic for handling requests to the Atompub server and producing the related response.

Method Summary
 ResponseContext process(RequestContext requestContext, WorkspaceManager workspaceManager, CollectionAdapter collectionAdapter)
          Provide the actual request processing logic.

Method Detail


ResponseContext process(RequestContext requestContext,
                        WorkspaceManager workspaceManager,
                        CollectionAdapter collectionAdapter)
Provide the actual request processing logic.

requestContext - The RequestContext object, holding information about the request to process.
workspaceManager - The WorkspaceManager object, holding information useful for request processing.
collectionAdapter - The CollectionAdapter object, holding information useful for request processing; may be null if not needed.
A ResponseContext object, as resulted from the request processing.

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