Class CompressionFilter

  extended by org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.filters.CompressionFilter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CompressionFilter
extends Object
implements Filter

Abdera Filter implementation that selectively applies compression to the response payload

Nested Class Summary
static class CompressionFilter.CompressingOutputStream
static class CompressionFilter.CompressingResponseContextWrapper
          A HttpServletResponseWrapper implementation that applies GZip or Deflate compression to response output.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ResponseContext filter(RequestContext request, FilterChain chain)
          Process the filter request.
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Constructor Detail


public CompressionFilter()
Method Detail


public ResponseContext filter(RequestContext request,
                              FilterChain chain)
Description copied from interface: Filter
Process the filter request. The filter must call to pass the request on to the next filter or the provider.

Specified by:
filter in interface Filter

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