Class Summary
CharsetSniffingInputStream Will attempt to autodetect the character encoding from the stream By default, this will preserve the BOM if it exists
DynamicPushbackInputStream PushbackInputStream implementation that performs dynamic resizing of the unread buffer
FilteredCharReader A reader implementation that filters out unwanted characters By default, unwanted characters are simply removed from the stream.
PeekAheadInputStream A version of RewindableInputStream that provides methods for peeking ahead in the stream (equivalent to read() followed by an appropriate unread()
PipeChannel Implements a buffer that provides a slightly more efficient way of writing, and then reading a stream of bytes.
RewindableInputStream RewindableInputStream is a specialization of the PushbackInputStream that maintains an internal buffer of read bytes that a user can rewind (unread) back into the stream without having to do their own buffer management.

Enum Summary

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