Package org.apache.abdera.model

Interface Summary
Attribute An attribute.
Base The Base interface provides the basis for the Feed Object Model API and defines the operations common to both the Element and Document interfaces.
Categories The Atom Publishing Protocol introduces the notion of a "Category Document" and the app:categories element.
Category Provides categorization informaton for a feed or entry Per RFC4287: The "atom:category" element conveys information about a category associated with an entry or feed.
Collection Represents an collection element in an Atom Publishing Protocol introspection document.
Comment A comment.
Content Represents an atom:content element.
Control Represents an Atom Publishing Protocol control element.
DateTime An element conforming to the Atom Date Construct.
Div Represents an XHTML div tag.
Document<T extends Element> The top level artifact of the Feed Object Model.
Element Root interface for all elements in the Feed Object Model
Entry Represents an Atom Entry element.
ExtensibleElement An abstract element that can be extended with namespaced child elements
Feed Represents an Atom Feed Element Per RFC4287: The "atom:feed" element is the document (i.e., top-level) element of an Atom Feed Document, acting as a container for metadata and data associated with the feed.
Generator Identifies the software implementation that produced the Atom feed.
IRIElement The IRI interface provides a common base for a set of feed and entry elements whose content value must be a valid IRI/URI reference.
Link Represents an Atom Link element.
Person An Atom Person Construct Per RFC4287: A Person construct is an element that describes a person, corporation, or similar entity (hereafter, 'person').
ProcessingInstruction A processing instruction.
Service Represents the root of an Atom Publishing Protocol Introspection Document.
Source Per RFC4287: If an atom:entry is copied from one feed into another feed, then the source atom:feed's metadata (all child elements of atom:feed other than the atom:entry elements) MAY be preserved within the copied entry by adding an atom:source child element, if it is not already present in the entry, and including some or all of the source feed's Metadata elements as the atom:source element's children.
Text Represents an Atom Text Contruct.
TextValue A text value.
Workspace An Atom Publishing Protocol Introspection Document workspace element.

Class Summary
AtomDate Provides an implementation of the Atom Date Construct, which is itself a specialization of the RFC3339 date-time.
DateTimeWrapper An ElementWrapper implementation that can serve as the basis for Atom Date Construct based extensions.
ElementWrapper Base implementation used for static extensions.
ExtensibleElementWrapper ElementWrapper implementation that implements the ExtensibleElement interface.
PersonWrapper ElementWrapper implementation that implements the Person interface.

Enum Summary
Content.Type Used to identify the type of content
Text.Type Text Constructs can be either Text, HTML or XHTML

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